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I am going to FUDCon Pune 2011

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment
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Yet another reason to use duckduckgo

January 15, 2011 1 comment

I started using duckduckgo after heavy lobbying from the LUG folks . It is indeed good. They are very open to feedback and change. Take a look at the below conversation


Now searching for “BIL” in duckduckgo shows up info about BIL conference on the first page

Fedora presence @ – day 1

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment

This is my first ever  My flight arrived at bangalore by 8.30 in the morning. It took me nearly 2 hrs to reach my hotel from the airport. Beware if you want to catch a flight you better prepare and go well ahead of the time ’cause bangalore’s traffic sucks. I met aditya, amit and shreyank at the hotel and we headed towards the venue.

Everything started an hour late. The first talk was about wikipedia. Danese cooper CTO of wikimedia foundation gave a talk on the technology that drives the world’s fifth largest website. Santhosh thottingal’s work on wiki2cd was appreciated  by the wikimedia team. wiki2cd helps in creating offline content out of wikipedia.After the talk we met rahul and got our Fedora t-shirts (yay!) .

In the afternoon aditya and i went into meego mini-conf sessions by Nokia. Nokia is really trying to push meego into the mainstream (Good luck Nokia). In the evening the keynote address was given by rahul. He talked on a topic named “Failures of Fedora and what we have learned from them”, he gave us insights into what red hat/community did wrong and what they learnt from it. It was an awesome talk. Some points from his talk includes merger of core/extras repositories into a single repo, opening up the infrastructure, focus on improving packaging quality/guidelines, the problems they faced with documentation(because of red hat’s initial stand on freeing up the documentation license) , the proposed removal of CLA, the new update policy etc.

Finally we Fedora folks including lennart poettering went into a bar/restaurant and had a very good dinner. Thanks to the community architecture team for everything. We spent lot of time talking about what could be done to improve the  project. Harish pillay joined us there later in the restaurant. He explained why LTSP in Fedora needs some love and how it is getting  distro centric. We came back to hotel by 11.30 PM.

More pictures at

Badam halwa foss conf 2009

March 2, 2009 2 comments

Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai (TCE), has conducted a 3 day conference on free open source software ( with a little help ilugc and nrcfoss.I attended all the three days.

As we registered for a demo stall, for the first two days i was busy explaining about my demo stall.
The demo stall was on “Security power tools in linux”.Initially i thought of giving demo on nmap,ettercap and metasploit framework.But removed metasploit framework at the last moment.

Most people came there were familiar with nmap.I explained them about ettercap.How to create hostlist.How to do a MITM with ettercap.How to use various ettercap plugins.I explained about arp cache poisoning.

They provided internet connection (both wireless and wired) and assigned ip in class A.So i took some range to demo ettercap.

I nmaped their proxy server.Intercepted communication between particular range of computers and the proxy server to demo ettercap (well no offence, i havent stored or captured any thing important).

People were amazed to see the TFT screen of my laptop when i started packet visualization (packet visualization just printf’s all packets)

One guy from TCE claimed that nmap is a freeware not free software (Oh my holy god), i took pain to show the license information in the man pages of nmap.(/gpl)

Kids of TVS matric higher secondary school,explained about their demo stalls in cute english.I bow Mr.Raman who made a wise choice of giving prizes to encourage the school students.

Today in Tamilnadu foss grows really in schools not in colleges (:() .I know a lot of engineering students who dont know a heck about linux, this is a real shame.

I met people like shakthi kannan ( .Jaya Engineering college CSE hod, who is the stepping stone for foss in his college ( met collabnet people (people who created svn).Ubuntu tamil team.

On the last day, the demo stalls were closed, so attended talks. Morning I attended the first session which was about NRC-FOSS academic initiatives (?).And raised some interesting questions.

Then second session i attended was about “Network tools in linux” by barathi subramaniam.Which was very basic to me.

The third was about Eclipse IDE.

And fourth was a blast, people who created SVN explained us about SVN,GIT and CVS.

See pictures:
more pictures:

Long live foss and foss conference.. :-)

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