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Malicious Commands in Linux!

The commands listed here are Dangerous..Just look it Don’t try it…..

Delete all files: delete current directory, and delete visible files in current directory. It’s quite obvious why these commands can be dangerous to execute.

rm -rf /
rm -rf .
rm -rf *

Reformat: Data on device mentioned after the mkfs command will be destroyed and replaced with a blank filesystem.


Block device manipulation: Causes raw data to be written to a block device. Often times this will clobber the filesystem and cause total loss of data

any_command > /dev/sda
dd if=something of=/dev/sda

Forkbomb: Executes a huge number of processes until system freezes, forcing you to do a hard reset which may cause corruption, data damage, or other awful fates.
In Bourne-ish shells, like Bash:

There are many commands like this…if you a noob to linux and asking help on the internet then malicious people may ask you to execute these commands.. (It’s like your orkut album unlocker :P) so don’t do that beware!

To find out more commands like this

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