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Having Fun in IRC

Well it was fun monday……Just logged into irc-channel created by Mr.lawgon (he has some other name)
Have a Look @ the conversations………
zer0c00l its me…. 😛 😉

–> You are now talking on #nrc-foss-edu
— Topic for #nrc-foss-edu is Welcome to #nrc-foss-edu a channel to discuss FOSS in higher education in India || Channel rules: http://nrcfosshelpline.in/code/wiki/NrcFossEdu || http://nrcfosshelpline.in/code/ || mailing list: nrcfossconsult@googlegroups.com || FOSS certification: http://nrcfosshelpline.in/syllabus/FossWebDeploymentEngineer
Topic for #nrc-foss-edu set by lawgon at Tue Dec 2 17:34:19 2008
#nrc-foss-edu :[freenode-info] please register your nickname…don’t forget to auto-identify! http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup
zer0c00l-> so when will anna university give more importance to foss?
>nickserv< register ******(ma passwd) sagarun[at]gmail.com
lawgon-> who knows?
zer0c00l-> well i guess you know
why dont you people push
a student in government school uses open office in his lab..but when he comes to anna university affiliated engineering college he is forced use Microsoft office in his first semester
why is this gap?
may be its not your question lawgon
some moron from
sshd my computer
how can i kick him
well its some Chinese moron he is running http as well
let me send an abuse email
–> HDB (i=3b5dac22@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-41d70ce0f3234a0e) has joined #nrc-foss-edu
HDB-> yoohoo
lawgon: see my reply on why a license is needed?
HDB-> zer0c00l: hello
zer0c00l-> hello HDB
HDB-> zer0c00l: who you sending abuse email to?
zer0c00l-> somebody from made ssh connections to my computer
this morning
its seems like a Chinese government website
HDB-> wow. chinese govt is doing hacking??
zer0c00l-> may be somebody hacked the Chinese government servers
and using that server to hide himself
government servers are soft targets
well i want to inform them
that their server is compromised
how can i do that
any idea?
HDB-> zer0c00l: buy a ticket to beijing
zer0c00l-> http://www.cooleasy.com/whois.php?ip=
thats a good idea
well buy me a ticket
HDB-> ask Lap_64 uncle
zer0c00l-> oh
Lap_64 uncle are you there?
knock knock uncle
let me ask in binrev
i wonder how he got my ip address
HDB-> zer0c00l: maybe random try. what’s your ip??
zer0c00l-> i dont want to tell that
why you need thaty
ask the operator
probably he knows it
HDB-> oprater??
no he doesnt
zer0c00l-> oh
HDB-> freenode knows it
zer0c00l-> yeah
HDB-> oops, you are not protected. your ip is visible on doing /whois zer0c00l
zer0c00l-> too bad
then i have to use a strong password
and disable unnecessary vulnerable service
omg i am running hell lot of services
HDB-> you are on windows xp
zer0c00l-> no
i hate windows shit
HDB-> Lap_64 uncle is windows fan
zer0c00l-> hahaha
HDB-> never upgraded from Windows 98
zer0c00l-> i have bad opinion about people using windows
HDB-> no, Lap_64 is fine
zer0c00l-> your ip is 59.93.*.* (edited :P)
HDB-> yeah I don’t hide it. what’s the point
zer0c00l-> why cant i port scan your computer?
* HDB is small fish
zer0c00l-> using windows vista or something?
iptables up and running?
HDB-> zer0c00l: don’t do that stuff. it is illegal. and if you are in India, you can be arrested 😦
HDB-> laws are very tough
zer0c00l-> oh really
HDB-> yep
where are you? chennai?
zer0c00l-> btw i am using neighbors wifi
HDB-> then he will get arrested. what city?
zer0c00l-> omg
thats bad
HDB-> what?
zer0c00l-> arrested
HDB-> IT Act 2000 (Amendment 2006)
zer0c00l-> oh
HDB-> btw, amendment 2006 was really passed in 2008
zer0c00l-> i read about that
its baad
HDB-> took them 2 yrs
<– HDB has quit ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client")
zer0c00l-> zer0c00l wonders: HDB a police officer or lawyer
does any one knows how to prevent ssh logins from the internet
how can i make sshd to ignore logins from the internet
well google search will help me i guess


But really i wasn’t using my neighbours ip address at that time. [:P]

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