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My maiden Drupal webportal

I have been asked to develop a web portal for my departments upcoming international conference, iconct09.

First i showed them drupal.They were using old and outdated proprietary server side scripting language ASP.

I took care of drupal modules,juniors took care of the themes, i would like to mention some of the modules i used.

Conference ->Awesome module by zyxware technologies, i personally thank Mr.Santhosh raju who now maintains the module for zyxware,When ever i say there is an issue with the module, he helped me by fixing the code immediately, i sometimes wondered is this an example for cathedral and Bazaar, yes it is, the developer directly gets feedback from the end user and changes things.

Email registration -> allows user to login using email id

Feedback -> Cool floating feedback bar

CCK ->content construction kit (needed by Conference module)

Auto assign Role ->Assigns default role to newly registered users

SMTP authentication support -> allows you to use another smtp server (local windoze smtp server or gmail smtp server)

Admin menu and Admin menu drop down -> Cool drop down menu for admins

Jquery Menu -> To enable cool expandable jquery menus.

Backup and Migrate -> To backup mysql database

Theme -> Acquia Marina

Have a look at the web portal and feel free to give a feedback 😉 http://www.mepcoeng.ac.in:81/iconct09


For some people their organization may be blocking port 81, so use a web proxy like https://ctunnel.com/ 😉

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