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My Summer Training Task:Kannel SMS setup on fedora

I came to know about dgplug’s summer training when kushal announced it in ilugc,i didn’t know mbuf will be there to guide us [:)] ,my task in summer training is to setup a SMS gateway on fedora with kannel, test it and document it.

With the help of kannel you can send/receive sms from your GNU/Linux box.(Don’t just think of some third party text message sending sites [:P], its more than that )

Here are the use case scenarios i am trying to address:

* User sends us a text message.

* We might send them a reply after processing it (web application is used to process the text message).

* We might also periodically able to send the user text messages.

I successfully completed testing the last use case and in the process of documenting it.

I always wanted to create a desktop app for GNU/Linux with GTK+ ,i am thinking of picking up another project after finishing this task [;)].

Apart from summer training i am now teaching php in a private training centre for free,you know what teaching is the best way for doing some GNU/Linux advocacy [:D].

btw: Switch to firefox 3.5 😉

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  1. mageshcse
    July 1, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    good work buddy… i also want to hav these kind of apps in my linux box… so document your experience with kannel, and then i will learn from it.. 🙂

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