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My first ILUGC meet

Yesterday , i went to IIT – Madras to attend my first ILUGC meet. There i met sudarshan , aishwarya, thangam arun and Yogesh (one of my office pal who came with ravijaya) for the first time. The meeting was actually postponed to 4pm from 3pm (we didn’t check the email to see the announcement) . Me and baskar went there by 3.30 and opened the CSD 20 room of electrical sciences block to see an IIT professor lecturing the students. The professor actually looked like KG 🙂 . So being there before 30 mins, baskar and me waited outside the block under a tree (“marathadi”) . People started flowing in, approximately by 4.15pm all 15 were there (i didn’t count though).

We started with informal introductions under “marathadi”. ravi jaya started the proceedings with his “lightning” talk on two netbook distros. One is XPUD (some thing like google chrome os, which uses firefox) and another i really can’t remember the name (even ravijaya didn’t 😛 so he wrote the name of the distro in a paper) . After ravi jaya finished his “lightning” talk under “marathadi”. Bharathi informed us that the room was ready, so we went in there.

People from “kanchilug” prepared a FOSS calender (it is in the process of printing) and demonstrated how they made it using inkscape. Then people from NRCFOSS gave a demonstration on OSM. I came to know about JOSM a java based editor for editing gps traces captured using your phone. Soon i will contribute to OSM (i need a gps device/phone ).

I thought of talking about Fedoraproject,FEL and Fedora security spin there, but i kept my mouth shut as the time already crossed 6.15pm (may be next meet). I met welkin a new contributor to Fedora (packaging). He packaged his own app for Fedora and it is under review at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=550143 . I invited him to join a FEL list and start packaging for Fedora electronics lab. I hope soon he will be packaging for FEL :-). When leaving i was asking about OSM to sudharsh, he used his freerunner to capture gps traces, it was incredible for me to hear that it has pidgin and shell :D, i wanna buy 1 freerunner soon :-).

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