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Barcamp chennai 3

For those who don’t know what a barcamp is “BarCamp is an unconference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees.

As usual i switched on my notebook to check tweets in the morning. People were tweeting about something called “Barcamp”. I decided to go and check it out. I added my name to the wiki and registered myself. Then i made a call to my biker pal @sup3kiddo to check whether he is coming so that i can get a lift 🙂 .

We entered the SRM vadapalani campus by 11 in the morning. We were given with a participant kit. We wrote our name and twitter handle on a sticker and pasted on our t-shirts.

I spent some time with people i already know in FOSS circles. By 12.30 prakash of ethics technologies started his talk on Android mobile platform, he explained how openness of android helps developer community. I was surprised to learn that android is being ported to set-of boxes, refrigerators. Then we had a yummy free lunch :D, thanks to generous sponsors.

In the afternoon social media enthusiast Kiruba Shankar joined us, he made the crowd sit in circles. While shivasubramanian was preparing for his talk on ‘Free and open internet’, Vivek a young internet entrepreneur volunteered to give a lightening talk. He owns a start up which creates and maintains mock interview website http://interviewstreet.com/ . Being new to entrepreneurship he was trying to get some ideas about how to get things done in a start up from the audience. I must mention his business card was way too cool, it got one of my favorite xkcd comic on its back 🙂

Shivasubramanian was talking about how Governments and corporations trying to control/restrict internet in the name of protecting children. He is part internet society an independent international nonprofit organization founded in 1992.

Then senthilnayagam CTO of rails factory a Ruby on Rails application development and consulting company, started a discussion on today’s movies. He later revealed about a software named ‘screenplay editor’ which his company is developing to help create screen plays for movies . Punch lines like “You can fix a bug in production, but cannot do the same in movies” popped up from the audience :-). Definitely talk on movies brought lot of people into the discussion.

Himanshu Sheth shared his views on how to use the professional networking website linkedin effectively. He explained how he got jobs in tough times with the help of linkedin. Then he revealed how he met the love his life via his blog. That was a good story 🙂 .

Ramasubramanian pulled lot of young audience with his talk on “Entrepreneurship and love” . It was one of the coolest presentations of the barcamp. He interestingly compared entrepreneurship and falling in love. kiruba made the crowd blast with his comment “You can sell a successful venture but you can’t do that with your girlfriend”.

When some one was talking about ‘what makes a good marketer?’ i went out to get some coffee with vasanth . When i was back, shyamala of netlink technologies started her talk on drupal a popular open source content management system which powers whitehouse.gov. She made nambitious a non tech guy to create a website in minutes.

Anand a third year computer science student from VIT, shared his ideas on “collaborative mindmap“. He showed us a four minute screencast of his webapp. We clapped when he said php sucks and replaced it with python-django in a mindmap 😀 .

Magesh was unable to demo his RoR stuff because of his laptop graphics problem . We came to an end by 5.30pm . Barcamp organizer yuvi panda (yuvraj pandian) got bumps on his back in the end :-). Pepsi was served instead of booze 😦 .

The whole event was live tweeted with the tag #bcc3 by the participants. You can track it using http://twitter.com/search?q=bcc3

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