Surgical Eyes

April 21, 2013 9 comments

I have a pair of them now. On April 1 (yes, fools day ) i got my lasik laser surgery done.  I am writing my experience down here without my spectacles 😉  hope it is useful to some of you who want to do the surgery.


(wikipedia: )




I took a leave of absence from work for a week before the surgery. I consulted a doctor in Aravind Eye Hospital ,Tirunelveli a small city near my home town and decided to get it done there.

I had my pre surgery check up on March 30 (saturday), They took  cornea topology scan  on both eyes and analyzed my cornea’s thickness. I had around 580 micron thick cornea which is good enough to do a laser surgery. The doctor suggested me to do  zyoptix laser instead of ordinary laser. Zyoptix uses wavefront guided laser technology and claims to fix refractive errors which cannot be fixed by other lasers. I asked the doctor about complications, she mentioned about halos and starbursts but didn’t mention about scary things like ectasia but it was mentioned in the agreement that i signed before the surgery. The hospital doesn’t have a “bladeless” surgical option ( i.e there is no femtosecond laser)  but the doctor is experienced so i decided to trust her hands with microkeratome. The hospital does refractive surgery on Wednesday’s and Friday’s, i asked them to prepone it to Monday (April 1) they were able to accommodate my request.

I had myopia and Astigmatism on both eyes. Myopia was around +5 and astigmatism was around 1.5




Surgery’s are done early in the morning so i was asked to come to the hospital 7’o clock in the morning. We reached the hospital little late thanks to my dad’s driving 🙂 I was asked to have breakfast before the surgery. After the breakfast i was asked to sign an agreement which basically says no one is responsible if my eyes are screwed. I was asked to remove my shoes and asked to enter the waiting room (room in front of the surgery room)  Then i was asked to wear a long gown  and a cap to cover my hair.  I was also given anesthetic eyedrops before i entered into the surgery room. In the surgery room three scary people were waiting for me with masks over their lower face, covering their mouths and noses. I was asked to lay down on a moving surgical bed, top of the bed had  a curve  where i could just fit my head. Now one of those scary people covered my face with a sheet. The sheet had a opening that just came right on top of my right eye. It also had a tape like thing , they used to it hold my eyelids so i don’t close them during the surgery. Another nurse used a clamp to enlarge my eye. This was bit uncomfortable.

The doctor,  moved the bed back into the laser equipment. The equipment had very bright lights focused at my eyes, it was uncomfortable for me to be under those lights.  I would normally use profanity at people who don’t dim their main beam headlights while driving. But these lights were 3-4 times worse than those. The setup had a green and red color light accompanied by those very bright main beam headlights. You could imagine a big alien spaceship on top of your head flashing lights at you. I was asked to look at the red color light to reduce the discomfort. In the mean time the doctor was cleaning my eye and a big equipment was kept on top my eye holding it (microkeratome) . The doctor asked me not to move my eye. (Hello, how can you not roll your eyes when you have a big a** light focusing straight at you )  I heard a wheel rotating sound  and could feel something being cut. In my opinion this is the scary part of the surgery. The microkeratome is like your lawn mower but it cuts and creates a flap on the eye. See this video on how it works. I was informed that the lights would go off and asked  not to panic. By the time the lights were back on i was asked to focus on the red light again. After the lights were back on i could smell something burning The smell was from the laser shaping my cornea tissues. Once the shaping was done my eye was cleaned with a really cool liquid. The flap was lifted back up was placed in its place. They took a two minute interval before moving on to the second eye.

While doing the second eye i was little bit tensed (because now i know what they gonna do to my eye). More over the doctor was asking about another patient during the interval in a yelling voice (WTF? ) The nurse messed up the clamp so they had to remove the clamp and put it back on and the doctor made a sound that indicated something was messed up (more likely subconjunctival hemorrhage). IMO a doc should not make this kind of  sound while the patient is conscious and in surgery. I was shit scared still didn’t open my mouth, as it might add up to the tension. The same procedure was done to the left eye. Once everything was done i was asked to get up and go to the inspection room. The doctors assistant helped me remove the gown and cap. The doctor came back into the inspection room and inspected my eye (flap) again. Everything was normal. The whole procedure took 10 minutes and it was painless. I was asked to wear a protective glass to protect my eye from dust and accidental rubbing. I stayed back in the hospital on the day of surgery. The next morning my eye was examined and my visual  acuity was 20/20 . I could read the last line on the board with some help. I was asked to come back for examination after a week for further evaluation. After a week i could read the last line without any help.

After the surgery,  first three days are critical because the flap sticks there just using osmotic pressure. It can easily dislocate. I was asked to not to look at TV/Computer for five days. I was given with a steroid (Gatilox GM) (2 weeks) and a lubricant (Systane ultra)  for dry eyes.


Side Effects


I had surgery induced dry eyes and subconjunctival hemorrhage.  Dry eye problem was severe for the first 2 weeks. I even had head aches because of that. I kept using the lubricant to keep my eyes wet. My eyes became tired in the evenings. I am writing this post three weeks after the surgery, the dry eye problem is almost gone now eyes are not getting tired as earlier. But i have problems with night vision. I have glare problems with Fluorescent lights. I also see halos. These are indications that the flap is not completely closed yet. Night driving is difficult too. I will post more information here as i get better with night vision.

So Is lasik worth the risk? I am still not sure. You will have to evaluate the risks and current conditions before doing the surgery.  Lasik has a long healing period unlike what they advertise. For  5% of people the lasik surgery can result in ugly complications. As long as you are not in the 5% everything is fine. Now that’s the risk you will have to take 🙂

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Fedora 18 on MacBook Pro

March 16, 2013 13 comments

OSX crashed on me while i was trying to update firmware. Instead of recovering it, i decided to install Fedora 18 on my MacBook.

System Info





I had made couple of Fedora 18 x86_64 DVD’s for the Fedora freemedia program. I grabbed one of them and started the installation to find myself dropping into a prompt. Apparently it is one of known issues with the Fedora 18 CD/DVD. After typing in ‘(cd0,apple3)/EFI/BOOT/grub.cfg’ the installation started. There was no problem with the installation.


I am used to natural scrolling, enabled it using the following setting

$ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-wt-natural-scroll.conf
Section “InputClass”
Identifier “Natural Scrolling”
Option “ZAxisMapping” “5 4”

I like my function keys, following sets the fn keys as primary in the apple keyboard

$ cat /etc/modprobe.d/hid_apple.conf
options hid_apple fnmode=2

Above option also can be passed using kernel command line. You will have to edit the grub.cfg for that /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg


By default Fedora 18 didn’t detect my broadcom wireless network card (Broadcom Corporation BCM4331 802.11a/b/g/n (rev 02) to be exact) It needed a proprietary firmware. I downloaded b43-firware module from “russian fedora” and installed it. After the reboot things started working.

The proprietary driver doesn’t seem to support power management, it may cause problems during suspend/resume operation. So i instructed the power manager to unload the module while suspending the machine

$ cat /etc/pm/config.d/defaults

Other bugs

GNOME 3 Desktop often doesn’t get show up after unlocking the screen If it happens press CTRL+ALT+F2 , login via tty and run ‘DISPLAY=:0 gnome-shell –replace’

The new kernel kernel-3.8.2-206.fc18.x86_64 panics while booting on MacBook Pro

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python-requests package update

April 1, 2012 1 comment

The newest version of python-requests now supports python 3. The python 3 version of requests is available as python3-requests package. Thanks Rex Dieter for the patch . I have also decided to maintain python-requests for EL6, i have pushed the latest version 0.11.1 to EL6.

Though it violates the updates policy, i have updated python-requests from 0.6.6 to 0.10.8 in Fedora 16 as python-requests is a fast moving young project.

All the packages should land in updates-testing in a few days. Please visit to learn more about the updates.

Trip to Sastra University – Trichy

February 6, 2012 1 comment

I was invited to visit Sastra universityTrichy for a workshop on Free Software. I joined with Aditya and Srishti at KPN office bangalore. We boarded an air-conditioned  sleeper coach by 11.30 P.M and reached Trichy by 6 AM. The road was bit bumpy, i couldn’t sleep much.  As expected Trichy was much warmer than Bangalore in the morning. Trichy main bus stand has couple of Kamaraj statues. Sristi was surprised to see the ‘Golden’ statues of kamaraj.

While we were discussing about kamaraj, our cab arrived. The Sastra university is 45 minutes drive from Trichy. It is located between Trichy and Tanjore. We were asked to stay at the Guest house.

By 10 A.M i started my session on Free Software at one of their ‘smart classrooms’. I explained students about free software and its importance. My second talk was on GNU/Linux Commands, the talk was based on Stanford universities open classroom session on PracticalUnix. Students tried various commands on their laptops as i explained them. Aditya introduced python and  Srishti introduced QT to students on the first day.

We  had a good dinner at ‘Canopy’ Sastra’s canteen which is being managed by students. We finished the dinner with a tasty creamy cold coffee sponsored by Srishti. I was very tired after travel; so i went to bed early.

After a good sleep, I started the second day by introducing Django to students. I explained Django by creating a small blogging application. Many students tried to follow my instructions and came up with the small blogging website (Yay!). Next I joined with Sristi and introduced git revision control system to students using Shakthi‘s ‘di-git-ally-managing-love-letters‘ presentation. The students loved it! Aditya did a workshop on puppet on the second day. We also met the I.T department professor and had a little talk. She presented us with a memento .

By 6.30 P.M we left the college by saying good bye. We had to board the bus at Tanjore. Tanjore is famous for its Brihadeeswarar Temple. It was built on 11th century. We visited the temple and spent some time there. After dinner , we boarded the bus back to Bangalore. Srishti took lot of pictures during the visit (will be uploaded soon)

FUDCon Pune 2011

November 13, 2011 Leave a comment


My flight reached at Pune 15 minutes before the schedule.  Vaidik and I planned over IRC to share the cab from airport to the hotel.  His flight was 30 mins late. I was not able to reach his mobile phone even after his flight landed. We never seen each other before. Finally i noticed a guy with a ‘Drupal’ T-shirt, i decided to bite the bullet and asked him “Are you vaidik?” Fortunately the answer was a ‘Yes’. By the way vaidik helped us with the website.

While i  was waiting for Vaidik to book a cab,  I heard some one asking me “Are you going to FUDCon?”  that was .Srishti Sethi Gcompris contributor and GSOC student . Apparently she too identified us using our “Geeky” T-Shirts. We three ended up sharing the cab.

Moral : Wear a geeky T-shirt when you are going to a Technical conference.

Back in hotel i met Kushal, Praveen, Soumya aditya (my room mate)  and Jared.

Day 1:

We all had breakfast at the hotel and  hopped into a van to reach the FUDCon venue. We were welcomed by Amit, Shakthi, Rahul and others  Day 1 of FUDCon started with jared’s talk. He only used pictures in his presentation and did all the talking. His talk was thought provoking. After the keynote address  i went to speaker’s lounge to prepare for my afternoon workshop. I met Joerg  there. I introduced myself as  maintainer of sqlninja.  Joerg gave me commit access to security spin’s repository. I promised to help him with the future security spin releases..

In the afternoon, I did a workshop on “Practical GNU/Linux” for the students of college of engineering Pune. The workshop was inspired by Stanford’s open classroom session named “practical unix” I managed to pull most of crowd from auditorium’s to my workshop (evil grin). The slides are available here

Day 2:

After attending Harish’s talk on community,  I started my talk on Django. I explained folks on how to create web apps using Django using a simple blog application. The slides are available here. My talk was followed by rtnpro‘s “Testing Django apps” talk. He extended by blog application and added test cases to it. The code is available here . After the talk to our pleasant surprise some one from COEP approached us with half written Django app. We happily helped her fix the issue. In the afternoon i attened  jsmith’s “publican” talk and Srishti’s “cute hacks using pygoocanvas”.

In the evening we left for FUDPub. FUDPub was awesome , everything happened on  a roof top with DJ and dance.

Day 3: – Hackfest’s

Rahul  was late to the venue on Day 3 (FUDPub?). I introduced askbot on behalf of Rahul to the people and invited them to join our hackfest. Most of them joined us  were new to Django so we had to help them a bit. Then i started working on “Export questions and answers as pdf” feature of askbot. I ended up using “Reportlab” python library for pdf generation. A lot need to be done to complete this feature. I hope i can make most out of my upcoming weekends.

FUDcon was awesome, It was nice to see lot of people face to face.

I had lot of memorable moments at FUDCon, Rahul played a prank on how i stole  pair of  baby pink coloured slippers from srishti  🙂 (the baby pink slippers are now talk of  the town, read other’s blog posts ) The mini push up’s competition at FUDPub. Taste of my first  beer/cocktail  ( i have no plans to drink again ). I am sure events like FUDCon will  help bring people together and instrumental in creating a strong community. Thanks Red Hat for sponsoring my travel and accommodation .

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I am going to FUDCon Pune 2011

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment
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New package: Sqlninja

September 4, 2011 Leave a comment

sqlninja – a candidate for Fedora security spin is now available in updates-testing repository

yum install –enablerepo=updates-testing sqlninja

The package currently does not include any payload binaries, they can be downloaded from

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