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Replacing LPG Cylinder

I used to spent most of the time in front of my laptop. It was 5 in the evening.

Mom from kitchen: “Arun come here”

Me: “A computer science engineer don’t have job inside the kitchen mom”

Mom: “so the computer engineer won’t get coffee today..”

I took a deep breath and went inside the kitchen..”What happened mom?” I asked…”Arun you need to replace the empty LPG cylinder with a new one”….

It sounded like a  simple job. I never replaced a LPG cylinder before I  locked the regulator and tried hard to pull the whole setup out of the empty cylinder. After some struggle  finally i figured out how to remove the regulator mounted on top of the cylinder

Now it’s time to mess with the new cylinder .I tried to pull the white seal on the top of the cylinder. Even after 10 minutes i couldn’t get that seal off. So i decided to make  a phone call to my Dad and asked him to tell me the trick. He  started laughing at me! I was pissed! After making fun of me he finally revealed the trick! The trick is to pull the thread on top of the cylinder towards you.


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  1. sans
    June 11, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    u r corect arun even i have experienced cases like u .. ppl while they go to profesional life they miss everythings which r very needed in life .they dont hear at all the ppl go in the own ways

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